Our Instructors were selected for their passion and joy for the technical art of navigating through the programs. Their focus is to grow and develop the students to be ready for the fast-paced environment of the industry. Instructors will be sharing tips, tricks and techniques to further enhance the projects. 

Our Mentors were hand-picked for their industry experience and insight of the various agencies. Mentors will be partnering with the instructors to provide ongoing reviews in the classroom meetings. Their feedback and direction for the students will help carve a path to a strong final render. Students will receive tips, tricks and techniques used by the professionals.

Our Distinguished Guests were asked to host special events for the students and staff to share their experience in the industry on different topics. The guests’ backgrounds are from various companies that encompass 2D, 3D, Animation, Visual Effects in the movie and gaming industries. Students will be able to gain valuable perspective that may provide a more thorough understanding of their career choices or open up their minds to new opportunities! 

Ruben Athouel Senior Lighting / LookDev / Compositing TD
"My goal is always to push the boundary of what the image can become at its maximum. I’m a perfectionist. I love to push myself and find new challenges. I love to collaborate with passionate artists."
Damien Garrigue Lead Creature FX
"I’m an excellent team player. I love to share my knowledge and my experiences working with the different studios. I am always in a good mood. I will always invest 100% of myself into my work. My work is my life."
Frederick Dox Pipeline TD
"I love to teach and share my technical knowledge about the different software. I will be always more than happy to help someone to try to find a solution to the issues that they may have. I am a passionate and genuine individual."
Florianne Lopez Senior Lighting / Compositing Artist
"I received my degree in 2009. Currently I am a Senior Lighting and Compositing Artist living in Montreal. I have had the privilege to work in the biggest name studios that produce feature and animation movies. My philosophy is to give life to an image."
Rajiv Parmar Lead LookDev at Method Studio
"I am a pragmatic, honest, passionate and a goal-oriented Professional with more than 10 years of track record by demonstrating strong analytical problem-solving skills. I am also in a pursuit of constantly growing and using my creativity in all means possible."
Leonardo Ledesma Senior Lighting / LookDev Artist
"Born in Argentina, grew up in Brazil and in the US. Ater high school, I attended Full Sail University where I received a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. I focused on Lighting and Look Development with a minor focus in 3D modeling."