Frequently Asked Questions

CineLight Academy selects extraordinary and skilled artists of the industry to provide the best quality to our students.  The guidance and direction of our student is our number one priority. We need the best to lead the best.

The Instructors will provide the technical and application side of the software. They will demonstrate how to use each industry tool and will share tricks they have learned to better streamline the work flow.

The Mentors will provide their expertise in different topics to elevate the students’ ability to collaborate and further develop their artistry in personal and professional projects.

The Honored Guests will provide exclusive conferences to share their industry and experiences with the students. This is provide insight and expand the minds of the students to further imagine their goals.

All candidates are to provide a request for application to the CineLight Administration. Upon receipt of the completed application, the CineLight Administration will provide testing details and deadlines. Applicants are also required to send a cover letter with a Demo-Reel or link to Art Station to the CineLight Administration for review.

Upon approval of the applicant, a teleconference meeting will be scheduled to welcome the student to the program and provide more information about the integration into CineLight Academy’s learning forum.

We want to be flexible to help the student to be happy and don’t have an heavy constraint on his personal life, so we built a system to give the chance to the students to be able to learn everywhere, on any devices.

A Demoreel or a showcase on Art Station will be required for all applicants for review. It is mandatory to complete the submission for review before a decision is made by the CineLight Academy Administration.

Each Project is around 4 to 5 week usually, it can be more if the course is more advanced it will depend the size of the project

Classes will be limited to 25 students per course program. This is to provide an environment for quality training and allow students to collaborate efficiently amongst each other and provide for opportunities to network.

Yes! The courses are set at different times during the day to be able to provide flexibility for students outside of the US.

Payment for courses are due prior to the commencement of the course or program, if individual programs are selected for enrollment.

CineLight Academy is extending three options for payment:

Option 1: Tuition Payment in Full

Option 2: Tuition Fees in Four (4) Payments            

Option 3: Tuition Fees in Twelve (12) Payments

Courses have been scheduled into four (4) time slots on four days.

Each course is two (2) hours that consist of lecture and lab/practical application time.

CineLight Academy provide a time agenda to each student with the hours of the class and they will have to connect trough zoom to follow the class in time

CineLight Academy will follow holidays recognized in the US

The courses will be delivered in English. Tutoring time and mentorship can be provided in French, upon request.

The microphone and webcam are mandatory, for a better collaboration between the CineLight Academy students and Mentors or Instructors

  • a recent computer (less than 3 years old is recommended): Windows 7 min or Mac OS X with an Intel processor (MAC not supported for special effects) or more recent; a graphics card with at least 512 memory with OpenGL 2.0; a display with a minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and 24-bit color; 500 GB of disk space to store jobs; 8 GB RAM (16 GB recommended); a graphics tablet (Wacom recommended); Flash Player 11, WinZip, Acrobat Reader, QuickTime 7 Pro;
  • Broadband Internet access: 5 Mbit / s in downlink and 0.5 Mbit / s in uplink; Recommended browsers: Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, latest version;
  • An HD webcam (recommended) and an audio headset with microphone.

Google Chrome or Firefox can be an adequate browser to use the different website that CineLight Academy use

Upon completion of the Program or Project Course, a Certificate will be provided to the student if all conditions of the course are satisfactory.