First year : Lightning

The entry level program that is designed for students who will be introduced to the methods behind current industry standards. Students will have the opportunity to network with fellow students and professionals to gain insight into the industry and team collaboration.


Second year : Bolt

The progressive program is designed for intermediate level students. The program will highlight various techniques to allow students to expand their skill set and problem solving abilities. Students will be challenged to grow as artists for their dream industry. 


Third year : Thunder

The advanced level program for students to utilize their creativity and skills developed from the Lightning and Bolt program. Students will be able to collaborate with their peers to create a short movie with the guidance of a mentor. 



The Flash review program  is for students and individuals who are looking for demo-reel or personal project consultation. Mentors will provide a review and give tips of the trade to further develop the end project. 



The Spark program is a 8 weeks introduction learning Lighting / LookDev / Compositing is for students and individuals



The Comet program is a 16 weeks introduction learning Lighting / LookDev / Compositing is for students and individuals