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 CineLight Academy provides an environment to develop students aspiring for opportunities in the competitive industry of film and video gaming. Students will be provided with  in-depth training in Lighting, Look Development and Compositing

CineLight Academy is committed to developing students in the following

Develop advance current skillset

Develop problem solving aptitude

Develop an undestanding of networking

Develop understanding of networking

Develop strong team etiquette

Develop diverse communication skills

Who is CineLight Academy for?

Graduate students with a bachelor or master degree in visual effects

Individuals or professionals looking to enhance their current skill set

Students that will be completing their degree within one semester

Individuals who have a basic knowledge of 3D on Maya and Nuke

Individuals that want to develop a personal project with a mentor

Professionals who want to transition into other areas of visual effects

CineLight was created to introduce artists to the industry on a practical application method versus traditional schooling that uses theory. Students will receive a curriculum that applies the same tasks and expectations that professional artists experience at various studios. Mentors and Guest speakers will share their insight to guide the aspiring artists towards a career in the entertainment industry.

Need Consulting from a Pro?

We have a team of experienced artists from different studios and companies to review your demoreels or personal projects

Software Provided

CineLight has partnered with software developers to provide students with access to programs needed for the courses

PayPal Payments

For the ease and safety of the students, payments are accepted using PayPal's global secure website

Tuition Installments

Program tuition is available to be paid in a single installment or multiple installments for budgeting and affordability

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